LEGO League Coding club started today, after school, and we are very excited for what is to come. In our first session, we discussed the core values we will need to succeed going forward (including teamwork, as we will eventually be joining the club with pupils from Rowner Junior School). We demonstrated innovation by using only 6 Lego bricks. All the children created something unique and different and it was brilliant to see designs being adapted. We are very excited to jump into using the coding equipment next week which will support our entry into a regional competition! Some of the things the pupils are excited about are:

George – coding things and making things move

Alice – is excited to build large models and coding them to do different things.

Lilly – I am excited to be creative!

Alex – I am looking forward to getting to code using the motors

.Ben – I am excited for the opportunity to work with children from Rowner!

Go LEGO League Coding club!

28th September 2022
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