On Friday, Y4 participated in an RE role-play lesson, led by Mrs Mulhall (who, interestingly, is an RE specialist and spent taught in India).The children role-played the aarti ritual. To remind the children that they were role-playing, children were invited to wear a headscarf and took their shoes off, outside the hall, just as you would if you were to enter a Hindu Temple. Those who took part were greeted by Mrs Mulhall and Mrs Wheal who helped each child work through aspects of the aarti ritual. Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva – one of the deities of the Hindu Trinity. Hindus celebrated Mahashivaratri on 18 February – we were just a month behind. Interestingly, while most Hindu festivals are celebrated during the day, Mahashivratri is celebrated during the night and day that comes just before the new moon. Each new moon is dedicated to Shiva. Hindu tradition says that Shiva, like his symbol the new moon, appeared in order to save the world from darkness and ignorance before the world entered complete darkness.

29th March 2023
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