You may have noticed, just before half-term, some developments in the woodland area outside 3EG. The fabulous GFM Estates Team created our first two ‘Den-Pens’ – a space located for each year group to embrace outdoor play in a safe and controlled way. Each Den-Pen has an array of sticks and logs and used for den building, seating for quiet reading and role-play. The children love the Mud Kitchen and the Den-pen without has improvised -making use of the barrier as a ‘cafe’. each Den-Pen will be equipped with additional cups, tarpaulin and other suitable materials for wholesome outdoor play. Upper school are waiting patiently for their Den-Pens. Thank you FROGJS for sponsoring this wonderful resource. The children learned all about how to use the Den-Pens in our ‘launch’ assembly.

5th June 2023
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