Yesterday, Year 5 had a fantastic day at Weald and Downland living museum. The visit supported their history learning superbly. The coach arrived early so they set off, full of excitement. When Year 5 arrived, they had a quick welcome talk before splitting off into groups for exploring the museum. The children thoroughly enjoyed researching the different dwellings and seeing how different life was through different eras. The Anglo Saxon workshop was brilliant. The children tried splitting the wood using an Anglo Saxon axe, making a wattle fence and trying on some Anglo Saxon clothing and artefacts. One of the highlights for most children was finding the dwelling from 600 years ago that had a rather interesting privy! Although the bakery had sadly sold out by the time we had finished exploring, they had very kindly saved us some loaves of bread to share, which we tucked into as a welcome snack. The museum also gave us some duck food to feed their very greedy ducks, which caused lots of giggles from the children. An excellent day had by all!

15th June 2023
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