Our GFM Pantry opened for sales on Thursday. At Gomer Junior School we are committed to supporting initiatives which help us to work towards creating a better future for the planet. As such, Year 5 opened ‘The GFM Pantry’, in partnership with Rethink Food and Asda, to save perfectly good food from being dumped into landfill sites. Approximately 9 million tonnes of food waste is sent to landfill each year. A vast amount of this is fit for human consumption, but rejected due to appearance, having a short date life or being slightly damaged.
However, if we are able to save this food, we can then sell it to our community at a reduced rate, raise money for our school in the process and help improve the future of our planet. Year 5 are going to use this as an opportunity to gain experience in enterprise: they have thought about the skills and qualities needed to work in a small business and will be running a stall, selling good quality food items at a heavily discounted price after school on Thursdays – and at our Summer Fayre. They have devised the name and logo for ‘The GFM Pantry’ and look forward to selling items which would otherwise be wasted. Prices will range from 20p to £1.50 and we are only able to accept cash payments.
Please support ‘The GFM Pantry’ by purchasing short date-life food from our stall!

16th June 2023
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