Oh my, Year 6 has been super busy in London. After a slight delay, the children made it to the London Eye yesterday morning and enjoyed the views whilst having lunch. This was quickly followed by a tour to find Shrek – we met lots of interesting characters along the way. Our trip across town to Madame Tussauds did not disa[pploitn and we learned that the children live having their photos taken with celebrities. Another coach trip transported us to Dulwich. The tents and camps were swiftly set-up and a chip shop tea was enjoyed. The children found it tricky to get to sleep last night and the excitement saw the Gomer Camp awaken at 5am….! The early start caught up with Year 6 – the vast majority had a doze on the way to the museum. We relocated from the Docklands to Greenwich and enjoyed lunch on the grounds after the interactivity of the museum. The theatre was awesome and the children absolutely loved Back to the Future. By the time Y6 returned to the campsite we were ready for a pizza dinner. At the time of writing the children are showered (not all…), and ready for bed having had a hot chocolate. Some children are asleep and for those who still seem to have plenty of energy, they’re just about to have a stroll around the campsite with a member of staff (who would really like some sleep tonight…). The children are looking forward to tomorrow – let’s hope we get the camp struck swiftly.

6th July 2023
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