We have hosted a variety of Gomer Learning Community (GLC). The GLC is an opportunity for you to attend sessions to find out more about how we do things in school. Typically, each session will operate in The Gomer Globe and will start with a 15 – 20 minute presentation by a Subject Leader. The presentation is often accompanied by a hand-out so that you can take key information away with you. Following the presentation, you will be given the opportunity to work alongside your child in class to see the content of the presentation in context. We are varying the GLC days to take account of your different work commitments. Please check the diary for future GLC dates and session content.

Future dates: GLCs have currently been suspended. In their place, each class will be producing a Class Assembly to showcase their learning to the whole school, parents and carers. These are listed on the electronic diary and feature on our monthly newsletters. Once we have more parents/carers attending the sessions we will set up a new programme.
Shown below are presentations from some of our GLCs: Gomer App, Gomer Growers, Learning Logs, PGS (formerly SPAG) and Reading: