STEM is fully integrated into our school’s curriculum and this extends to our after-school gSTEM. Pupils from across the school, will work on exciting gSTEM based projects after school, which are rewarded through the British Science Association’s CREST Star Award programme. This club has been so popular we have had to operate upper and lower school on a two week cycle to include all who want to be involved. Interestingly, more girls attend our STEM Club than boys.

In the Spring Term 2018 Mrs Digby led a gSTEM club for Y4 and Y5 pupils whose female membership exceeded the male uptake. During the club sessions the children designed aircraft for the Dendrite Fly to the Line Glider competition and did so using an array of skills. This included using craft knives which demanded precisie usage. The children found this to be very exciting! The gliders that traveled the furthest will appear at the regional finals in the Summer Term 2018.