Meet our Gomer BikeIt! Crew – picture to follow… Our BikeIt! Crew work with our BikeIt! Champion, Mrs Bottriell who supports a variety of BikeIt! projects. We love cycling at Gomer and are delighted that our fabulous bicycle shelter is always full! Interestingly, in April 2018 67% of our community were using sustainable travel to get to school.

***Big Pedal – 23 April – 4 May 2018 ***

Following  two very successful years, we are now working hard to secure gold BikeIt! status.  Watch this space….
Our BikeIt! endeavours have also enabled us to be awarded our Gold Stars award in January 2018 – we are 1 of 7 schools in Hampshire to have the accolade. The BikeIt! Crew worked alongside the JRSO Team. We were awarded our silver in September 2017 so are delighted with our swift progress.


To kick start the new term, the BikeIt! Crew led an assembly on Monday 12 September encouraging the school community to cycle to school. The numbers swelled on Wednesday 14 September due to staff and children alike cycling in. The Crew rewarded cyclists with a drink on their arrival to school and were pleased to see everyone wearing helmets.

***Extreme Mountain Bike Show – July 2016***

Having won first prize in the national Big Pedal scheme, we were treated to the Extreme Mountain Bike Show, led by Danny Butler.


Following our fabulous whole school launch of the Big Pedal 2016 and 36% of the school population cycling into school, we were entered into Sustrans free prize draw. The top prize offered and we won – Go Gomer!


*** Bike Club’s Final Challenge – March 2016***

The second group of keen cyclist have now completed the Bike Club final obstacle course challenge. Bikeit! Ray also made an appearance on a couple of occasions to help guide and support the children.
Its fair to say that there was a little apprehension and nervousness from some of the children at the beginning, but it was a delight to watch all twelve of them grown in confidence each week.  It was also very nice to have the warmer weather and lighter evenings as the weeks went on!  The commitment and focus from all of the children was fantastic, even on the wet and cold sessions outside and the indoor maintenance session.
Throughout the week, several of the children would eagerly ask Mr Downing what they would be learning next, quite clearly looking forward to their next bike club session.  Even Mr Watson from the Infant school watched with great interest from his classroom window and has asked if he can join the next group!
The final challenge put all of their learning to the test, consisting of tight corners, an off road section, stops and started, dismounting and mounting, gear changing and lifting your bike over obstacles.  Every child had a go and had lots of fun.  The children were timed, with the challenge of beating their own time, not each other.  Everyone improved their time, following advice given by Mr Downing, Mrs Bottriell and Bikeit! Ray.  Well done Bike Club.
Mr Dowing and Mrs Bottriell are already planning the next Bike Club and will be inviting applications soon.

***Our BikeIt! Crew – Face of Hampshire’s My Journey Campaign – January 2016***

***NEW CLUB – started October 2015 – continues into 2016***

 Mr Downing is currently running a bike club on a Tuesday after school. Mrs Botriell is working with Mr Downing too. BikeIt! Ray has provided Mr Downing with training and is very impressed with the tuition being given and the enthusiasm of the children.

***  NEW Scooter Pods – thank you Cllr Edgar***

Following the installation of our super bicycle shelter, we have now installed two scooter pods in ‘Gomer blue’. These are located outside 5GS (near the picnic area). We intend to organise some sort of canopy for them and maybe change the surface they are positioned on for longevity of the project. Children are politely requested to position scooters in the pods. Children will need to provide a lock for the pods and if unsure, the BikeIt! Crew can show their friends how to lock the scooters correctly. We are most grateful to Cllr Peter Edgar for approving the grant application which enabled us to purchase the pods. You may remember that Cllr Edgar attended our Bicycle Shelter opening. He is most impressed with our BikeIt! work and delighted that we have already secured our Silver Award. Go Gomer!

Our Journey to Silver – awarded July 2015

During the academic year 2014/2015 we worked with  Sustrans and ‘Bike It! Ray’ to become a bronze levelled Bike It! School. We went on quite a journey. We exceeded Sustran’s expectations and were delighted to become a SILVER BikeIt! School in July 2015. Go Gomer! A fantastic achievement in such a short amount of time. Looking ahead to the next academic year, we will be working towards becoming a GOLD BikeIt! School.
The children participated in an assembly about the scheme on December 2nd and information about Bike It! was included on our December newsletter. Since then we have had our first Bike It! Breakfast where we were joined by 44 cyclists. In addition to the Latest News post, have a look at the photographs below:

Thursday 29th January was another busy day for Bikeit! Ray at Gomer Junior school. Over 30 children rode to school so their bikes could have a health check with the Bike Doctor.  Bikeit! Ray and his mechanic Guy were kept busy checking brakes, gears, saddles, chains, wheels, nuts and bolts.  Nearly every bike passed its health check, only a few needed a little bit of attention from Ray or Guy in order to pass. During the morning, Ray and Guy asked for a little bit of help building a new TEAM SKY bike.  The TEAM SKY mechanic crew, Georgia Bottriell, Libby Harrower, Libby Mell and Rylee Williams had lots of fun building a balance bike and a pedal bike.  The children were shown how to use spanners and allen keys correctly.  Initiative, communication and good collaboration was needed to build the bike successfully.  Ray reminded them to check that everything was screwed together tightly (remembering lefty Lucy and righty tighty), the wheels were straight and the saddle was the right height.  Once everyone was happy the bike was safe, the children had a quick test ride. By lunchtime all the bikes had passed the health check, the TEAM SKY crew had finished building the bikes and the children had secured their bikes in the bike racks. Another great BikieIt! event for Gomer Junior school.

Late February saw the implementation of our very own Bike Crew. All crew members had to submit an application to join the team. There was a very healthy response and eight children from across the school have been chosen: Jay, Ellis, Libby, Georgia, Georgina S, Evie, Yvie and Niall. They can be identified with by their special green coloured lanyards. The will be trained to support cycle projects in the school.
We participated in the national Big Pedal from Monday 2nd March to Friday 20th March. The prupose was to encouarge people to cycle and scoot into school everyday. We ranked very well regionally, often finding ourselves close to the top thirties. 1600 schools nationally took part in the Big Pedal and we were proud to be one of them. Results of our final ranking to be listed here soon.
Wednesday 18th March was a wonderfully sunny day. Twenty-one, Y6, Level 2 Bikeability cyclists completed an 8 mile route around Gosport. They represented the school superbly and had great fun. We are aiming to make this an annual event. Thank you to BikeIt! Ray, Andi and Mr Downing for cycling with the children and keeping them safe.

Despite school being closed in the Easter Holiday, Ray hosted a holiday bike skills and maintenance session on April 16. Y5 and Y6 children were invited. Those who attended participated in a range of activities and made a good use of the skills learnt around an obstacle course. A few adults were able to tweak issues with their bikes too. The school hope to host future such sessions. A was a great day to be enjoying the outdoors.

Interestingly, Sustrans are working with thousands of schools throughout the UK, enabling children to travel actively and safely. They  have more than 140 expert schools officers working intensively in over 2,400 schools across the UK. In just one year of working with a school they typically achieve:

  • double the number of children cycling to school everyday
  • over a quarter of children regularly cycling to school
  • fewer cars on the school run

The Bike It! scheme aims to provide young people the skills and confidence to travel to school under their own steam – and their parents the confidence to let them. To access their site please go to:

Keep an eye out on our Latest News, Gomer Blog and posters around the school for BikeIt! developments. Happy and safe cycling. Don’t forget to wear your helmet when cycling.