Please note, we are not operating Tuck Shop in the Autumn Term until further notice.

We provide a Tuck Shop at morning break for all children to access. Snacks range from 10p-50p which include items such as raisins, cereal bars, rice cakes, juice cartons and sometimes fruit. The Tuck Shop is set up daily in the school Reception (if staff run) or by the rear Hall door (if School Council run). Children can choose their snack – occasionally we run out but this rarely happens.

For children wanting a snack at 10.45am, this needs to be provided by the parent/carer. At the start of the day children are asked to place their healthy snack (fruit, vegetable sticks, fruit winders, cereal bar, rice cakes etc – no crisps or chocolate please)  into a snack box which is taken to assembly everyday by the class teacher. If you are providing fruit that is not peeled, pleased send it into school in a sealed bag or pot. Children will take their snack as they leave the hall to eat on the playground. Children who are purchasing a snack from  the Tuck Shop are encouraged to place their Tuck Shop pennies, in a named bag, envelope or purse into the Snack Tray – they will then be reunited with this to take to the Tuck Shop.

Please note, we do not by products with nuts but can not guarantee there are not traces. If your child has a nut allergy we will monitor this carefully and liaise with you about the snacks available.