In a year where physical and mental health has become more important than ever, we are always keen to reinforce the importance of keeping our pupils and staff active and motivated to exercise.

The Gomer Mile’s aim is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children. All classes are encouraged to participate in the mile, everyday (apart from PE days) and record the number of laps they complete on their ‘tracker trainer.’

Gomer Mile monitors (Finley and Myla from Y5) collect weekly data in order to issue award certificates for specific mileage achievements. Gomer Mile Tracker Trainer. They complete a weekly video for Friday’s assembly to share the weekly mileage reports across the school. Currently 129 children have achieved the Spinnaker Tower Certificate (3 miles) and 22 children have pushed further to achieve their Portchester Castle Award (8 miles).

This is what our Gomer Team feel about the Gomer Mile:

Y3 – I like the Gomer Mile because it helps me burn energy and not feel so hyperactive in the next lesson so I learn better. (Thomas)

Y4 – I like the Gomer Mile because it keeps you fit and healthy. I like running with my friends. (Chris)

Y5 – It is fun and I like feeling healthier. It makes you feel pumped up and energised. (Clark and Joseph).

Y6 – It helps us concentrate and focus on our lessons because I feel energised to learn. (Aiden)

All About The Gomer Mile