WaveThe world of technology is evolving at an incredible rate and with it, the way we live our lives. Increasingly we turn to the internet and connected devices for answers, inspiration and as a means of communication.

At Gomer Junior School we recognise the potential of technology to diversify, engage and support progression in learning. As a result, the school has invested in up-to-date technology that has the potential to move our children’s learning experiences and creativity forward.
With such rapid change it is worth remembering that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, let alone when our children reach adulthood and the world of work! In keeping with our school motto; we are learning today, for the unknown challenges of tomorrow. In keeping with this intent, we are keen not to limit our children’s computing experience. That is why we have invested in dual system machines that operate two popular operating systems: Windows and Macintosh. Alongside these, we also recognise the simplicity and contrasting experience of tablet devices i.e. iPads. These changes have all been well received by the children! The hardware however is merely the foundation of an engaging curriculum; it is the software and programming potential that brings the digital world to life!

front_6Currently running three distinct operating systems, we have access to a broad range of software, able to select the best tool for the task in hand. Below are just some examples of the software packages we are able to benefit from:

iMovie – allows you to create and edit slick, professional looking movies with ease.
GarageBand – produce and mix incredible sounds with just the touch of a finger.
SketchUp – design and explore 3D models of rooms and buildings.
Scratch – programming made fun (to inspire a new generation of digital pioneers)!
Purple Mash – access to an online resource, useful for just about any subject area.
Microsoft Office – universally used and still a  reliable productivity suite.
Google Apps – a powerful online tool for work and communication. Each child is given their own account including: email, office software, cloud storage and many other invaluable tools, many with an emphasise on collaboration.
With so much emphasis on the internet and online resources, we take e-safety very seriously. We have a clear code of conduct that is reinforced as part of our curriculum and supported by other policies (e.g. links to cyberbullying). While we do have measures to monitor children’s online activity at school and strict filters applied by Hampshire, we believe that primarily children need to learn how to independently use the internet safely and responsibly.