What is The Big Pedal?
The Big Pedal is a National competition to encourage children and their family to cycle to school
How does it work?
Each day (2nd—20th March) of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents/carers cycling or scooting to school. These figures are collected by the Bikeit! Crew and entered onto the national database.
Are there prizes?
YES! There are some amazing prizes up for grabs for schools, classes and individuals. Prizes include bike and scooter stunt shows, exciting days out to fantastic places and scooter storage.
Please help Gomer Junior work towards becoming a healthier school by encouraging your child to cycle to school (cycle with them for extra points towards prizes).
What is the BikeIt! Train?
We are aiming to organise 25 children from across the school with Bikeability Level 2 to cycle to Stokes Bay with BikeIt! Ray to Stokes Bay on Wednesday 18th March during the school day. A letter will be sent home with the children soon.
For more information, please ask a Bikeit! Crew member, Mrs Bottriell or see the Big Pedal website www.bigpedal.org.uk
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3rd March 2015
Category: Whole School