Year 3 are taught by Mrs Gardner, Mrs Guyett-Smith and Mrs Carré 

Miss Hannaway and Mrs Shadbolt are our Year 3 Teaching Assistants and Mrs Arnold is our linked Learning Mentor (LAPS Team).

All children will have a colour-banded book and a library book to take home and they will be able to change this every Monday.  We can provide a reading log if you require it. Year 3 PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays so PE kit is to be worn to school on these days.

Below is an overview of each term. 

Home Learning – if you need to send anything to school  electronically, please email to:


Summer Term 2024

Summer Term 2024: The Terrible Tudors

Year 3 will step into the fascinating world of the Tudors this summer term! We prepare for an exciting journey as we explore the vibrant tapestry of Tudor history and unravel the mysteries surrounding this captivating era. Who were the Tudors?, What was life like for children during this period? And what did they do to pass the time? We will uncover the answers to these questions and more, delving into these intriguing events along with Henry VIII’s reign.


Year 3 will embark on a creative expedition with new Tudor knowledge, crafting a non-chronological information report to create a class information book on The Tudors. They will also immerse themselves in the art of persuasive letter writing, adopting the personas of historical figures like Henry VIII or one of his six wives. Additionally, Year 3 will refine their descriptive prowess, employing techniques such as similes, personification, and metaphors to breathe life into character traits. The journey culminates in the exploration of Cinquain poetry, where we will discover the rhythmic beauty of structured verse.


In mathematics, the focus will continue to be fractions, as we learn to manipulate and understand. We will add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and answer questions such as, what is a unit fraction? We will then venture onto statistics, learning to interpret pictograms and create our own using collected data. Weekly arithmetic sessions will continue to sharpen our skills, complemented by engaging practice on platforms like Times Table Rockstars and Hit The Button during home learning sessions.

Physical Education (PE):

Physical Education promises a blend of excitement and activity, with indoor sessions dedicated to athletics and gymnastics, while outdoor PE activities will see students engaging in striking and field games under the guidance of a skilled coach.


Artistic expression will flourish as Year 3 draws inspiration from the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, exploring the intricacies of plant anatomy and experimenting with various mediums to create their masterpieces.

Religious Education (RE):

Religious Education takes on a reflective tone as students explore the significance of symbols and remembrance. Our No Outsiders reading list offers thought-provoking stories – “Two Monsters” by David McKee and “Blown Away” by Rob Biddulph, sparking discussions on themes of equality, friendship, and embracing diversity.


In computing, Year 3 will embark on an interactive journey into Scratch, honing their coding skills to create their own captivating games using the drop-and-drag coding programme.


Science lessons will be a voyage of discovery as students delve into the wonders of plant life and answer questions such as -What is the essential role of pollination? Or what would happen if bees became extinct? Later in the term, they’ll venture into the diverse habitats of animals, expanding their understanding of the natural world.


STEM learning takes centre stage with a STEMtaprise project, where we will flex our creative muscles by designing our own farm shop. We will explore concepts such as food miles, branding, and product creation in this engaging hands-on project.

With an array of enriching experiences awaiting them, Year 3 is in for an unforgettable summer term filled with learning, creativity, and boundless exploration!

Spring Term 2024

Extraordinary Egyptians 

During this term, Year 3 will be transported back in time to the Ancient world of the Egyptians as we delve into our ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ topic. We will explore their way of life and discover their amazing engineering skills. How did they construct those incredible pyramids? Who was Tutankhamun really? And why were hieroglyphics created? 

Literacy: Persuasive arguments, mythical tales and a mystery… Our newfound knowledge will be put to use as we write a persuasive advertisement to entice buyers for an ancient tomb, create mythical tales featuring gods and goddesses, and step into the shoes of famous archaeologist Howard Carter to write about his remarkable discovery of a tomb. But that’s not all – in the second half of the term, we will dive into suspense and mystery writing by studying Pie Corbett’s ‘The Nightmare Man’ and conclude by crafting our own mysterious adventures with multiple endings.

Mathematics: Fractions, multiplication and time… This term we will be delving into the world of fractions as we learn various methods for multiplying and dividing numbers. We will also work on telling time using both analogue and 24-hour formats, and solidify our knowledge of the months on the calendar before the end of the term. Each week, we will continue to sharpen our arithmetic skills and multiplication facts through our weekly sessions, as well as practising our times tables on Times Table Rockstars and Hit The Button for our homework assignments.

Physical Education (PE): Egyptian Dance and Invasion games… During our PE sessions, we will be learning the art of Egyptian dance, focusing on improving our flexibility, strength, coordination and energy flow. We will also explore mirroring, unison and canon in our routines. Our outdoor PE classes will be led by a coach and will focus on developing our hand-eye coordination through various invasion games. 

History: The Ancient Egyptians… During our History class, we will dive into the fascinating culture of the ancient Egyptians. We’ll discover their daily lives, incredible inventions, and significant contributions to our world.

Art: Amulets, papyrus paper and Hundertwasser… In art, we will incorporate our Egyptian topic by designing and creating clay amulets and papyrus paper with our own inscriptions. We will also study the unique patterns and artwork of artist and architect Hundertwasser.

Religious Education (RE): Holi, the Easter story and understanding equality… Our RE lessons this term will revolve around studying the festival of Holi and the Easter story. Along with these traditional teachings, we will also read books such as ‘We’re all Wonders’ by RJ Palacio and ‘This is our house’ by Michael Rosen to have discussions about equality and discrimination. 

Computing: Word processing and how to use the internet safely… Computing will involve building upon our word processing and typing skills while also learning how to use the internet safely for research purposes. Additionally, we will utilise technology to record our writing projects using iPad software. 

Science: Light and Dark… During Science lessons this term we will embark on a journey through the mysteries of light and darkness, exploring the intricate dance of shadows and their ability to be moulded into fantastical creatures through the wonder of shadow puppets.

gSTEM (global Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Constructing flood resistant homes… we will delve into Egyptian mechanisms for solving real-life problems such as flood resistance. To apply what we learn, we will design and construct flood-resistant homes during our DT (Design and Technology) lessons. 

Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Year 3! This year, in the Autumn Term, we are embarking on an incredible journey back in time, exploring the Spectacular Stone Age and venturing into the Impressive Iron Age. But that’s not all; we will also dive into the fiery realm of volcanoes, unlocking their secrets and unravelling the mysteries of magma!

History and Geography: In the first half of the term we explore The Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will unravel the lives of the earliest humans, discovering how they lived, the incredible species that roamed the Earth, and the significance of the Iron Age. Prepare to be captivated by history!

Literacy: Exploring Worlds Through Words – Our literacy adventures will transport us through time and deep into the heart of volcanoes. We will use a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to enhance our language skills, from character and setting descriptions to crafting our own stories and reports. Expect to master Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (SPaG) along the way.

Mathematics: Numbers and Beyond –  Our mathematical journey begins with number and place value, followed by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Every Friday, we’ll put our skills to the test with arithmetic challenges and times tables quizzes. Adults, you can support us at home with tools like ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and ‘Push the button.’

Science: Rocks, Soils, and Volcanoes –  In the first half of the term, we’ll delve into the wonders of rocks and soils, conducting hands-on experiments to uncover their secrets. Our scientific exploration beautifully complements our Stone Age and volcanic studies.

Art and Geography: Prehistoric Art and Volcano Models – We’ll express our creativity through prehistoric art, sketching cave drawings and crafting Stone Age jewellery. Get ready to build your very own 3D models of volcanoes, connecting art and geography in a dynamic way.

gSTEM: Engineering and Problem Solving –  Dive into the world of engineering with Dyson as our inspiration. We’ll explore the Engineering Habits of Mind and learn how engineers like James Dyson use them to create innovative solutions. The “pumpkin project” will further showcase how STEM can change the world, linking back to our study of rocks and soils.

Physical Education (PE): Gymnastics, Multi-skills, and Gomer Golden Mile- Get active in PE as we focus on gymnastics, multi-skills, and building our stamina to reach the Gomer Golden Mile goal. Fitness and fun await!

Computing: Typing Skills and Coding- Our computing journey kicks off with typing skills and advances to coding using Ollies and Spheros. Get ready to unlock the world of digital creativity.

Diversity and Equality: ‘We Are All Welcome’ – In our Diversity and Equality lesson, we’ll explore the book ‘We Are All Welcome’ by Patricia Hegarty. This thought-provoking exploration will be further deepened in our lessons on belonging within RE.

Year 3 in the Autumn Term promises a thrilling blend of history, science, creativity, and problem-solving. Stay tuned for an unforgettable term!

Spring Term 2023

Exciting Egyptians 

Year 3 will be transported back into the Ancient world of the Egyptians in our ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ topic. We will leap back in time to find out how the Egyptians lived and find out what fantastic engineers they were. How did they build those spectacular pyramids? Who was the real Tutankhamun? Why did hieroglyphics develop?  We will be using all of our new learning to write a persuasive advertisement to sell an ancient tomb, create our own myths including god and goddess, and transform into the famous archaeologist Howard Carter and write a recount of his sensational tomb discovery. If that wasn’t enough, in the second half of the term we will immerse ourselves in suspense and mystery writing, looking at Pie Corbett’s ‘The Nightmare Man’ and finish by creating our very own mystery adventure with alternative endings. 

In maths, we continue to multiply and divide numbers using many different methods moving into exploring fractions. To end the term we will be telling the time using both analogue and 24 hr forms and secure our knowledge on the calendar months. Weekly we further improve our arithmetic skills and multiplication facts with our weekly arithmetic sessions and continue to practise our table knowledge on Times Table Rockstars and Hit The Button in our weekly home learning. 

In PE, our indoor sessions will be Egyptian dance where we will learn flexibility, strength, coordination and flow of energy and explore mirroring, unison and canon. Outdoor PE will be invasion games, focussing on developing our hand-eye coordination. This will be led by a coach. 

Art will be based on our Egyptian topic designing and making our own amulets from clay and making our own papyrus paper to inscribe our cartouche clay canopic jars and clay amulets. We will also study the artwork and patterns of the famous artist and architect Hundertwasser. 

We will study the festival of Holi in RE this term and the Easter story. Our No Outsiders books will be ‘We’re all Wonder’ by RJ Palacio and ‘This is our house’ by Michael Rosen. These stories enable us to discuss equality, and what discrimination means. 

In computing, we will continue to build on our word processing and typing skills by creating a digital presentation about the Egyptians. We will also be learning how to use the internet safely, whilst using it as a research tool. We will be using technology to showcase our writing by recording our adverts using the Ipad software.

In Science, we will be finding out about how shadows are formed and creating our own shadow puppets. gSTEM will focus on Egyptian mechanisms, such as flood resistance. How did the people in Ancient Egypt engineer solve their real-life problems?  We will design our own flood-resistant homes and make them in our DT lessons.