We recognise the importance of varied opportunities for our children to learn and develop, throughout the school day and beyond it.  Therefore, we offer a range of clubs, the majority of which are hosted by the school. Unless stated, the clubs run after the school day and until 4.15pm. The majority of clubs are run by staff who give up their own time to the benefit of the children. Some are run by external coaches.

To support the resourcing of school based clubs, the school require £10 in subs, per pupil, per club, per term from whenever your child starts. Please note, because these extra-curricular clubs generate costs beyond the school day, we need to be able to cover these.

We have a high demand on our clubs. Therefore, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone who applies to join due to Health and Safety requirements e.g. space and adult-pupil ratio. Therefore, we are unable to include every child to a club who applies. Those clubs with a high interest  are chosen randomly. Unsuccessful applicants are put on a waiting list.


GClub for breakfast (7.15am-8.45am) and GClub after school (3.15pm-5.45pm) is committed to providing high quality, child centred care at affordable prices to align to the needs of our families. Breakfast is priced at £4.00-£6 (1-1.5 hours) and after school is priced at £5.50 – £9 (1.5 – 2.5hours). Our clubs offer:

  • varied daily activities
  • caring staff who are known to the children across the school
  • a fortnightly menu
  • an age appropriate and inclusive environment that meets a range of needs

Click here for more information about the GClub.


  • n/a


  • Service Club – hosted by Miss Hall – weekly in The Globe at 12.00-12.50:  FREE
  • Upper School Netball Club (Y5/6) –  Please complete Google Form.
  • Upper School Football Club (Y5/6)  – Please complete Google Form.


  • Choir – before school – available to all year groups – Please contact Mrs West if you are interested in your child attending.
  • Citizenship Club – Autumn Term (Y5/6) and Spring Term (Y3/4) – Please complete Google Form.
  • Lower School Multi-sports (Y3/4)  Please complete Google Form.


  • GClub

We are also keen to promote links with other community organisations. The children are often offered ‘taster sessions’ and are then, if interested, given details. If you have a useful contact or would like to help operate a club we would be delighted to hear from you.