Our Values & Ethos

Our vision, values and ethos are at the core of everything we do. They underpin teaching and  learning across our broad curriculum – provided in a nurturing environment which develops the character of our pupils who recognise that they are ‘learning today for the challenge of tomorrow.’ We are aspirational for all our learners to reach their full potential and to achieve opportunity and success on a global stage.’

We are  a school community which engenders and values a love of lifelong learning by:

  • maintaining a challenging and relevant curriculum
  • providing leading-edge learning opportunities to prepare our learners for tomorrow’s world
  • championing a culture in which children are keen to strive for success, prepared to take risks and learn from their mistakes
  • actively involving parents/carers in children’s learning

Everyone in our school community is cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique person. In our learning, in our work, in our relationships and through the ethos of our community, we are committed to aiming for success in everything we do.

The King’s Group Academies’ mission is to equip all pupils with the confidence, knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to thrive in a global society.



Our Aim

‘We are aiming for everyone in our community to engender and value a love of lifelong learning.’

It is our aim that everyone within our school community aspires to our vision. For our pupils we are aiming for them to develop and enhance the necessary skills, both social and academic to become prepared for the ever changing world ahead of them.

We have a strong desire for all stakeholders to take with them happy memories of their time in their school; everyone is valued.

Our Values

‘Our values, honesty, faith and courage, are underpinned by our Gomer Responsibilities and British Values.’


  1. We have a responsibility to listen and a right to learn and be safe.
  2. We have a responsibility to treat people kindly and respect them for who they are.
  3. We have a responsibility to walk around the school sensibly showing that we are positive role models.
  4. We have a responsibility to look after our own, each other’s and school property.
  5. We have a responsibility to try our best in every lesson.
  6. We have a responsibility to use polite words and show good manners.
  7. We have a responsibility to adhere to the ‘Gomer Standard’ in terms of tolerance and  respecting individual liberty alongside accepting each other’s rights of opinion.

Pupils are made aware of their rights and responsibilities. These are consistently displayed in all classrooms across the school and referred to as a means of reinforcing positive behaviour.

Rewards for Good Behaviour and/or Learning

Regular praise and encouragement is part of the school ethos. In addition to this, behaviour which supports the school’s values is celebrated by:

  • Attendance awards: A class attendance league is created every week. The aim is to try to ensure that all classes maintain at least 96.5% attendance. A cup is awarded to the winning class. The league table  is displayed in the case outside reception. Additionally, children with 100% attendance each term receive an ice-skating and swimming pass to use locally.
  • Golden Child nominations: One child chosen as ‘Golden Child’. Name appears in a special book which is displayed in the trophy cabinet. These children also have priority lunch and can choose a friend to sit with them.
  • Gosport Future Certificates: Awarded celebration assembly to one child per class.
  • House points: The school is divided into four house colours. Points are awarded for good behaviour and excellent work. They can be awarded by any member of staff and are totalled each week and a colour token is awarded in our weekly celebration assembly. A running total of the overall leading house is kept and the winning house is rewarded at the end of the year.
  • Top Table: 8 children are chosen weekly, by the Lunchtime Team to eat with Mrs Mulhall. Children are served a drink of their choice, eat at a specially laid table and have their plates cleared by our Executive Headteacher.