Last year we had new signs fitted in school which shared our ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ created by the children. They were such a useful visual reminder that we had smaller signs made for the classrooms. The signs have been much admired by the community, visitors and inspectors too. About 6 weeks ago a member of staff spotted the typo – the ‘s’ is missing from the word ‘responsibility’. Team Gomer were shocked because we just hadn’t noticed the omission. Many of the team refer to the signs daily but we just hadn’t noticed. We can’t help but notice it now! This reinforces the power of reading what you think the word should say. The human error is being rectified by the sign company at no cost to the school. The new signs should have been delivered last week but there has been a slight delay. We had hoped to transfer them effortlessly. A website post on a personal account, outlining the error has prompted this post. Our Learning Power for this week is respect. The school have the upmost respect for the company who are correcting the mistake without quibble. Now that this has been shared publicly, in the spirit of transparency we will make this a teaching point with the children tomorrow.

Gomer Signs

13th June 2016
Category: Whole School