Good morning from PGL.
The Year 6 adventure started very well yesterday. The children boarded several modes of transport sensibly and soon arrived at PGL Little Canada. Dinner was amazing – the teachers couldn’t believe how much the children ate! What an amazing selection: fish and chips, salad bar, rice and sweet and sour pork, mushroom ravioli and vegetables, vegetables, fruit, soup and cheesecake – in no particular order!
The children completed an ambush activity last night. They played hide and seek as a team in the dark. The instructors came dressed in camouflage! It was really fun, a bit scary and made us all work together.
The children have already filled their tummies with breakfast this morning. They are preparing for  abseiling, survivor, aeroball, sensory trail, dragon boating and trapeze. Oh, with the added bonus of the gift shop ahead of a campfire and bed.
Y6 are really looking forward to the day ahead.


8th October 2016
Category: Whole School