On February 14, twenty three children ‘blinged’ their scooter for our in-house competition. The scooters looked great and the children had all used their creative minds to provide a variety of responses. Congratulations to all who participated and to our winners, photographed below – we didn’t envy BikeIt! Ray who had to take much time to make his decision due to the calibre of entries. Thank you to the parents/carers who watched the parade at 3pm and Mrs Bottriell and BikeIt! Ray for facilitating the competition.

Please note, the school encourage children to wear helmets whenever cycling and it is a rule of Bike Club due to it being good practice and a requirement of the body that regulates this club. The school also fully recognises that children may be better safe wearing a helmet when out and about  scooting, but do not insist on this. We have left this as a parental decision, respecting that families will make informed decisions for their child.


15th February 2017
Category: Whole School