6MW were invited to Brune Park to participate in and watch a STEM presentation by Dr Simon Watt.  He is a biologist, Science Communicator, writer and TV presenter. He presents science shows for schools, festivals, theatres and museums. He is committed to education through entertainment and ‘The ugly animal preservation society’.
The children watched a 45 minute ‘Ugly Animal Roadshow’ which included biomimicry, conservation, endangered species and the importance of science today, presented in a fun, engaging and challenging style.
The Ugly Animal Preservation Society is dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Natures more aesthetically challenged animals.   The children were given amazing facts and information about some very special animals. Surprisingly, the children fell in love with ‘Ugly Animal’ mascot the ‘Blob Fish’.
Mrs Gardner and Mrs Mawby chaperoned the children who, unsurprisingly, were superbly behaved and interacted well with the presentation. 6MW were good ambassadors for our school. Future opportunities such as this will be organised for other children in the school. With thanks to Brune Park for the invitation.
28th February 2017
Category: Whole School