Today, the BikeIt! Team led an assembly, informing Gomer about The Big Pedal 2017 (a national initiative) and how, as a community, we can involve ourselves.  In brief, schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of bicycle and scooter journeys over two weeks. In addition to this, the BikeIt! Crew have set us a ‘really’ big challenge this year. We have been challenged to cycle/scoot around the world – 24, 901 miles! In addition to adding together daily commute miles, we will have fitness bicycles set up so our community can cycle at break times. Those children who are unable to cycle and scoot may like to spend time cycling at these times. With continued thanks to BikeIt! Ray and the BikeIt! Crew who are well supported by Mrs Bottriell.

Around the world

Please visit the BikeIt! Crew page to access the PowerPoint shared this morning.


15th March 2017
Category: Whole School