The National Figures 

1693 = Total number of schools taking part

963 = Number of schools in our category (large primary school)

126 = position we came in our category (top 13%)
Hampshire Figures
18 schools in total participated. Of those Gosport has achieved well:
1st = Alverstoke Infant School (47.67% of school cycled/scooted)
2nd = Gomer Junior School  (47.17%)
3rd – Gomer Infant School (45.56%)
7th = Alverstoke Junior School
10th = St. Mary’s Catholic School
So, an amazing effort from Gomer Junior School – the highest ranking junior school. Congratulations to Alverstoke Infant School. Gosport has impacted well on the top 10 which is brilliant to see. No doubt BikeIt! Ray will be thrilled with the efforts of his Gosport schools.
Don’t forget – The Gomer round the world challenge…
As a school we completed 3128.7 miles which would take us as far as  Sudan! 3KG were the top class with a total of 983.9 miles peddled over two weeks.
 big pedal
10th April 2017
Category: Whole School