Y6, please make sure you take plenty of time this weekend to enjoy yourselves. You are fabulous and you have worked really hard this year – the school are proud of you. As you are aware there will be a few tests for you to complete next week. Ahead of these, please remember that you are prepared for them. Please also remember ALL the skills you have. Unfortunately, SATs do not test all of these. They do not test whether you are an engineer, good at computing, able to think differently, cooking or brilliant with animals. SATs do not test your debating skills, how eloquent you are or whether you are a fabulous artist. They don’t measure whether you are creative or sporty, a musician or someone who really looks out for other people; some of the wonderful things you achieve in everyday.  Although subjects such as Maths and English are important, please never forget your many talents that SATs just do not test. Please also remember your array of skills that are going to continue to help you learn and enable you to be you – special!

Team Gomer are looking forward to having a special breakfast, just for you, with you, on Monday – Thursday morning, next week from 8.15am in the hall. 


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5th May 2017
Category: Whole School