On Wednesday 16 November a group of Year 6 children where invited to the Mary Rose Museum for a Takeover Challenge Day.
They were given a tour of the Mary Rose Museum, including the back office and their Staff Room, where they were given their brief for this  challenge: create a Scratch computer programme for the Mary Rose website to allow those children who cannot visit the Museum a chance to play one of their interactive games.
The children worked in small groups to build a Scratch game from beginning to end, gave instructions and thought about what they wanted others to experience.BBC Radio Solent interviewed the children and the Head of Operations at the Mary Rose, Paul Griffiths visited the children during creation and became their gamer!
Quotes from Team Hatch Scratchers, who created a game based on the Mary Rose Dog, Hatch.
Amy ‘I liked working together as a team against the other school’
Oliver ‘I liked making a game that anyone can use’
Lilly ‘It was really fun, seeing our final programme’
We were delighted to have received such good feedback from the museum staff:
‘It was a great day – the children produced some great work in a short time and it will help us enormously with future planning for history and IT sessions. There’s nothing like testing it out on real children! Thanks also for your comments – programming is all new to us and it was great to hear what’s actually going on in school from both you and the children.The piece on BBC Radio Solent at drivetime gave a good flavour of the day!
There was lot of interest on Twitter – both nationally and locally. Have a look @MaryRoseLearn. The feedback was very good.’

17th November 2017
Category: Whole School