Did you know that it takes around 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose?! We are becoming increasingly aware that plastic is harmful to our environment. Can you help reduce the unnecessary use of plastics? Could you live for a month without single use plastic? That means no disposable cutlery or straws, no plastic bottles or ready meals. No buying anything pre-packaged from the supermarket. Just thinking about it gives you some scale of the problem, when a crisp packet can take 80 years to biodegrade, a plastic bottle hundreds of years.
Some example pledges are:
· I will give up single use water bottles and carry my own
· I will not buy sandwiches in a plastic wrapper
· I will use a refillable drinks cup
· I will buy fruit & vegetables loose
· I will carry long life shopping bag
· I will avoid plastic cutlery
· I will give up plastic straws
· I will not buy any new plastic products
We will be exploring ways of redu cing plastic with the children. You can also pledge, as a family to The Marine Conservation Society via this link: https://www.mcsuk.org/plastic-challenge/

24th February 2018
Category: Whole School