The Easter holidays may be over, but we had a fantastic incentive to celebrate the new term as we received a Gold award from Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation Scheme). We received this prestigious accreditation for our exceptional efforts in promoting cycling, walking and scooting on the school run – resulting in a noticeable reduction in car usage around the school gates.
To receive a Gold award by Modeshift STARS, a school must successfully demonstrate that travelling sustainably is becoming the norm for pupils and their families – which should reflect in a 5% reduction in car usage over a 5 year period. Understandably, this is a very challenging target and schools have to work incredibly hard to achieve it.
The whole school community have worked hard over the past five years and as a reflection of the efforts of Gomer Junior School, earned us Gold accreditation. Some of our achievements include:

  1. The school participated in Sustrans’ Big Pedal since 2015 and 2016 saw a large proportion of the community arriving to school by bike or scooter. In the Summer 2016 we were in the top 3 of local schools  and were awarded with an exciting Extreme Bike Show.
  2. Our Junior Road Safety Officers meet regularly and run sustainable travel initiatives, supported by My Journey (the sustainable travel brand of Hampshire County Council.) These initiatives include implementing a ticketing scheme for motorists parking dangerously, Park and Stride, breakfasts and a range of schemes to incentivise our community to walk, scoot or cycle to school.
  3. The school’s Travel Champion, Sarah Bottriell, has additionally demonstrated an exceptional amount of effort in researching and running the sustainable travel incentives for pupils and families. She is a superb champion for our Road Safety Team and the school community as a whole.
  4. Safety initiatives: Be Bright Be Seen and the wearing of a bicycle helmet – money raised for Headway too.
  5. Team Gomer and pupils have participated in a range of challenges and initiatives to inspire travel behaviour change – including Walk to School Week, scooter skills training as well as running a school, bike club, bike maintenance, flash mob of bicycle skills, biker breakfasts, Be Bright Be Seen – and to the list continues…..

In recognition of their Modeshift STARS Gold awards, Gomer Junior School celebrated – gold style on Friday 20 April. Planned by the Road Safety Team, all children were invited to accessorise their school uniform with gold. Every child was provided with a gold pin to wear on their uniform and had a temporary tattoo or face paint.
In their assembly celebration, the Road Safety team shared a super presentation outlining our journey to gold. We were joined by former Gomer pupils who started our STARS journey and key adults who supported the school: BikeIt! Ray  from Sustrans and Helen from HCC representing the My Journey Campaign. One of Gomer’s trustees, Mrs Jean Morgan joined us and the Head of School Dr. Nige. Mathias. The Gosport Mayor was very impressed and helped with the presentation.
Georgina Mulhall, Executive Head Teacher at Gomer Junior said:
‘It’s fantastic to see the measures that Gomer Junior are implementing to encourage more parents and guardians to consider sustainable transport on the school run. The initiatives, supported by My Journey, are helping to enhance these safer, healthy travel habits – and by walking, scooting, or cycling to school we can help to reduce congestion outside our school gates and improve air quality across Southampton.’
Pictured below are our Road Safety Team and some former Road Safety Team members who returned from Bay House to join us for the afternoon.

23rd April 2018
Category: Whole School