On Friday 4 May, Amanda from Saltwater Creations visited us again as part of our PSHE learning for some of our children. You may remember our DIY SOS post about Amanda. This opportunity could not have come at a better time for Year 6. Right from the start of the inspirational presentation, Amanda had the Y6 class hooked. Through her life-changing experiences, she was able to tap into key thoughts about difficult challenges and how to tackle them, not only physical but mental as well. Amanda delivered her message in a way that was accessible to all. Every single member of the audience (including staff) were inspired and reflected on how they could challenge their own thoughts of doubt and not give up. Mrs Toone noted how interesting it is to watch how differently pupils responded to the tasks set and it challenged her assumptions. One highlight was how the talk had empowered a Y3 pupil to support a group of Y6 children coaching then through a difficult task.
Amanda provided a whole new experience for Y4. Firstly, she offered light on what it is like to be in a wheelchair and then how she conquered her disability mentally because physically she remains unable to walk. The main point that the children took from her visit was understanding that no matter what bad things happen to you in life, if you are mentally strong enough you can overcome your difficulties by enjoying new aspects of life. In her case, this was enjoying different sports, cherishing family time and having the determination to explain to others that despair is not the answer. With resilience and willpower, you can overcome hardships. The children and staff were inspired by Amanda’s outlook and what she had to say.
We are very grateful to Saltwater for enabling us to access this workshop for free, due to funding they have received. Amanda’s visits are so empowering that we are aiming to make her visits an annula part of our curriculum learning. She is able to meet with 90 of our children on any one visit and they are all very taken with her and what she has to say. Thank you Amanda.


7th May 2018
Category: Whole School