The school are really grateful for all the contributions received for off-site visits. Without these we could not offer such an array of off-site visits because we do not have the budget for this. All visits have relevant links to the curriculum and are curriculum as opposed to stautory. When we calculate the costs of a visit this is per child for visit acitivity only e.g. workshop, coach and activity – no additional costs added.
To help with family budgeting, over the academic year, we have tried to identify voluntary contributions that the school will ask of parents/carers. In adddition to this our fundraiser activities e.g. discos. We have compiled this list in response to parent/carer feedback. We started this page in August 2016 and it can be found on the website: If you are unable to pay the full contribution requested for an off-site activity or require a longer time-frame to make the payment, please liaise with the school office who can organise this for you. Recently, we have seen a drop in contributions. Therefore, we are reviewing the off-site visit schedule we can provide. We will be writing to you with more information about this.
We aim to provide reasonable notice for off site-visits for which the school will ask for voluntary contributions and inform you accordingly. Occasionally, due to last minute opportunities that are presented to us, this may not always be possible. Under these circumstances, we will communicate with you to ascertain if you are willing to support such endeavours. Local visits are also a big part of our curriculum because they do not incur travel costs.
We aim to give a year’s notice for residential visits due to the high costs associated with them. With thanks to Team Gomer for the significant goodwill given to make these possible e.g. their weekend for the Y6 visit.
Thank you for your continued support.

11th September 2018
Category: Whole School