It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Gomer Junior School has been nominated for the Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards. Hampshire were able to nominate only three schools and we are one of them. Gomer Junior School has been recognised as showing best practice in the promotion of walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable travel for the journey to and from school. Of the 3,500 schools that are signed up to participate in Modeshift STARS, we are just one of just 75 school across the country that have been nominated for this year’s Awards.

As a result of our nomination, our terrific travel team have been invited  to attend the Modeshift STARS Regional Awards event for our area where they will get to meet and hear from other schools that have been nominated for the Awards. The whole event is geared towards the pupils and is designed as a celebration of all things Modeshift STARS.

During the event, we will find out which school  will gain the coveted title of ‘STARS School of your local authority’ and the overall ‘STARS Schools of the Region’ for your area. Each of the Schools of the Region will go on to represent their area at our National STARS School Travel Awards event that will take place in Spring next year. Last year’s National School Travel Awards took place at the Houses of Parliament and If you would like to see what happened, you can view the following link –  

8th October 2018
Category: Whole School