Our fabulous JRSO Team will be patrolling again. It is great that the team are enthusiastic about working in our community but the school is sad that they need to patrol at all. Any person parking unsafely or illegal, close to school, will be given a Gomer Junior JRSO Parking Ticket. If you unsure why you have been given a ticket, please ask one of our eloquent JRSOs or their JRSO Champion. Polite request: the JRSOs will always be polite to you so please reciprocate this with politeness. If you are unhappy about receiving a ticket, please park safely and legally. Furthermore, please be aware of our local residents (and their drives) and pedestrians – especially those who are wheelchair users. Please do use our Park and Stride at the Seahorse Pub if you are finding parking near school difficult. We are delighted to see that lots of children are still walking, scooting and cycling into school, in spite of the cold weather.

30th January 2019
Category: Whole School