Today the School Council from Gomer Junior School had the opportunity to visit The Gosport Council Chambers within Gosport’s Town Hall. The pupils really enjoyed finding out about the different roles and responsibilities that members of the council have and the chamber etiquette that has to be adhered to.

The pupils were given different roles ranging from a solicitor to council members – even the Gomer teachers had a role. Mr Potter became the Head of the Council for 30 mins. In role as a group, the Mayor set the children a debate challenge: What is better use of your free time – computer games or sport?
The pupils also learnt some historical facts such as: Gosport has had a Mayor in post since 1922 and the Mace (an important piece of equipment of the council chambers) is made from a piece of wood obtained from HMS Victory.
To end the experience the pupils were then invited to join the Mayor within her chambers for a soft drink and a biscuit. Being such an inquisitive group , questions continued to be asked about historical items within the chamber as well as looking at the silverware which was on display as well as at the same time enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.
4th February 2019
Category: Whole School