Yesterday, we gathered as a community for our annual Harvest Celebration. The 40 strong school choir performed beautifully (following only 3 practises) and we were delighted to have been joined by parents of the choir. Our fabulous harvest loaf, made by Dee our cook reminded us of the farmers who grow many crops; the traditional loaf made a gorgeous centrepiece to our ‘giving’ display too. The Rev. Andy from St. Mary’s Church led our celebration and reminded us of the importance of giving and sharing  with others through the illustration of different apple crops, dependent on where you live in the world. He linked this back to the need for sharing in our local community and outlined that the food would be given to the Gosport Basics Food Bank who have supported 5000 families this year. With thanks to the Gomer community for the generosity shown yesterday.

28th September 2019
Category: Whole School