When our Service Parents are deployed they have the option of taking one of our service bears with them to help keep them company and report back to the school about their deployment endeavours. Our service bears are very well travelled and have many stories, medals and certificates. Currently, our RN and RAF Bear are both on deployment, representing Gomer on behalf of children in Y5. One bear is in Afghanistan and the other is on HMS Prince of Wales who you can track at: www.marinetraffic.com 
In assembly today, we used the presentation from one of our parents who is at sea on HMS Prince of Wales. We used this to think about what ‘motivates‘ us as learners and to think about how we ‘collaborate‘ as a community.
We look forward to welcoming our service parents to our Remembrance 2019 and await to see if Booty Bear and Marine Bear are deployed this year. 

21st October 2019
Category: Whole School