We love STEM in the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust and Gomer Junior have developed their own award winning STEM curriculum. This is enabling children to learn about the world they live in, as well as preparing them for the future. Engineering Habits of Mind are beginning to be used across the GFM as an integral part of the curriculum. The GFM is committed to ensuring its young people are aspirant for its futures and the STEM curriculum is motivated by the shortage of female engineers. The Gosport STEM Centre, located at Bay House is a key resource for our learners and a firm reminder of our commitment to increasing interest levels in STEM subjects. Pictured here (on world book day) are some of our youngest female learners who value equal opportunities and engage themselves well with STEM learning. Our primary and secondary staff, also pictured, work collaboratively across the GFM to enable a variety of opportunities for our female learners. Most recently some of our eldest pupils, from Bay House, visited CERN to immerse themselves in high level scientific learning whilst our youngest primary pupils have been engineering solutions to flood-proof houses in Bangladesh.The pupils have positive female role models who ensure learners are fully aware of STEM higher education and STEM based career options available to them. #equalinternationalwomensday

8th March 2020
Category: Whole School