As part of our partial re-opening to Y6 over the last fortnight, each child in Y6 was given the opportunity to decorate a piece of bunting. The bunting has been decorated with messages and pictures. The bunting is hung at the ‘meet and greet’ station at the Bury Hall Lane entrance to school. The bunting will grow as we add to it and each piece will be tied to an unbroken piece of string. We are trying to message that the children are all individuals but still part of their class and will be ‘together’ on the bunting as they can not all be together in school. For children who are currently not returning, we are still welcoming their A5 sized bunting very much. Please post them to us so that we can laminate and add to the class bunting. We noticed a passer by reading our bunting today. She said it ‘made her day’ due to the colours and positivity. Go Gomer!

10th June 2020
Category: Whole School