Diabetes is something that one in 15 people live with but is sometimes difficult to understand. This website is working to raise awareness about the different types of diabetes and how they can be managed: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/get_involved/diabetes-week
We have people within our community living with diabetes and some have been sharing with the children this week how they manage this and keep their bodies healthy. We should all understand the importance of managing our health through a healthy diet, good oral hygiene, rest and relaxation and physical activity. We need to take responsibility for our mental and physical health by setting ourselves healthy and achievable goals. 
We have been using our Google Classrooms this week to use our Learning Power of ‘thinking’ to think about how we can manage our own health. Has your child started the activities yet?You can use the ‘Super Healthy Me, Healthy Body, Healthy Brain!’ activity pack on Google Classroom to learn more about how you can manage your own health.The pack includes:
– Fascinating food facts 
– Information about the different food groups and how each of them benefits your body
– Activities based on the 7 ways to keep super healthy (including a few fun experiments that you can do at home) 
You will also find on the Google Classroom this week, some cooking inspiration with the BBC’s healthy recipes for kids: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/collections/healthy_recipes_for_kids and a recipe for a ‘Super Human Smoothie’, a tasty and refreshing summer treat! 
If you have got any favourite healthy recipes that you really enjoy then we would love to see them being shared on the Google Class Steams. Our Wellbeing Wednesday story and message this week will be of interest and your child may be able to use their new found knowledge to create their own comic strip to show how different vitamins help keep us healthy.

11th June 2020
Category: Whole School