We are aware that you may be watching and listening to the news about the protests in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, both in the US and here in the UK. We are  aware that some of you will be having discussions with your families and friends about what is happening.  If you have missed this you might like to watch this newsround clip by clicking here.

The GFM community is richer for its diversity. We are committed to building and sustaining a school community in which nobody suffers from prejudice as a result of their identity, whatever their race, class, gender, religion or sexuality. 
This is an amazing moment in history and many people are hopeful that it will be the beginning of real, positive change. If we were in school this is something that we would be really keen to work on with you. As we are not able to talk to you directly in the classroom we will be using our Google Classroom next week to help your thinking on issues around this important time in history. We have linked our learning to our existing ‘No Outsiders’ ethos and you will find resources, centred around human rights, diversity and equality, on Monday and Tuesday to help your thinking and learning. 
There is a lot of powerful content in circulation on social media, as well as the mainstream media. Please be thoughtful about what you consume and what you share. Please be mindful of your own and others’ mental health- and think carefully about what you are exposed to. 
Please talk to us if you feel unsure or uncertain – you could use the LAPS e mail if you want to talk about what is happening; stay connected and stay safe.
12th June 2020
Category: Whole School