We are very excited to be the first school to be hosting an Usborne book fair on-line TODAY for three days. Our local consultant, Emma Bailey, is hosting the event for us today. This is a lovely opportunity to get stocked up with some books for the summer or purchase some gifts. We have organised this in lieu of a Book Fair at school. You can view all of the books from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is access the event on Face Book by saying you ‘are attending’ so that you can see the videos and access the competitions: click here. PLEASE access this page.

The first LIVE is today at 9am via Emma’s FaceBook page. Join Emma live to watch her first LIVE and maybe win a book and you can certainly hear more about the books. 

If you do miss these ‘live’ slots, they can be watched anytime until Friday at 6pm, please watch  the lives with your child.  The LIVES will be at the times listed below:

9am – STEM books
9.30 – fiction books
10am – activity books
10.30am- maths and writing
11am – mental health activity books

COMPETITION find the 5 Hidden Balloons in the LIVE videos! Thee balloons are part of the BIG competition where 20 children can win a goody bag with sweets treats, a free book and a scratch art bookmark!
The News thought our Book Fair was a wonderful idea and have published this story.

8th July 2020
Category: Whole School