Aware that the summer holiday is a long time, especially following the past four months of much home learning, the Gomer Junior Virtual Summer Camp will provide you and your child with a variety of activities to keep you entertained, enable creative learning and help those who wish to to stay in touch with school. The activities have been planned, by taking into consideration resources you are likely to have at home. Some activities will see you and your child needing to be out and about, others are for inside. The Summer Camp is totally optional but has been made available to the whole school including our new Y3 and our Y6 children who are soon to be Y7. For those who would like to take part, children need to just go to their Google Classroom where there will be activity postings 2-3 times a week. Children can share, if they would like to, their creations and responses on the Google slides. The stream will not be active and there is no facility to ‘submit’ responses. But, next term, we will aim to share and celebrate some of the contributions. With thanks to Team Gomer for producing this comprehensive array of activities which we hope your child will enjoy. Additionally, children who are keen to keep focussed on their learning, will benefit from accessing RApid Reader, reading challenge, Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed. Go Gomer!


20th July 2020
Category: Whole School