We are very lucky to have lost of trees at Gomer. Some of you will be aware that one of our super pine trees succumbed to the wind in the December winds. Many of you will have seen the result of the storm if you walked in Oval Gardens during the Christmas holiday. You can see the tree, which is enormous, in some of the pictures below. The tree fell at night time and the fence survived!

This is not the first time we have lost one of our trees due to the wind. In the autumn 2013 storms, a tree came down in the grounds – also at night time. This was the catalyst for the school logo change because the fallen tree had been the inspiration for the Gomer logo back at the opening of the school in 1977, when it was planted!

A tree surgeon attended to the tree last week. We are delighted to inform you that we have made use of the tree. It has enabled us to freshen up our stumpery, created new seats for our Forest School and provided some fire wood too. With thanks to Mr Wilkins for organising lots of lifting and shifting – a ‘tremendous’ effort all round. We were delighted to have had the tree recycled.

12th January 2021
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