The Big Red Nose Day Run Together is Gomer’s chance to make your miles matter. This year, Comic Relief is challenging us to run, walk, jog, wheel or plod 50 miles during March. Up and down the country, hundreds of people will be running in their communities to raise money and make a difference for people in the UK and across the world.

Do I have to be a runner to take part in the challenge?

No ! Many of us will be walking, jogging or plodding our way to the finish mile. This is your challenge. Whether you walk, hop, cycle, pogo or swim, you’ll be making a difference with every mile. 

At the launch assembly yesterday, the children were shown their 50 Mile Tracker Form, which they were asked to take home. We thought it would be great to try and raise 50p for the completed 50 miles. Most children wanted to try and earn more than 50p by asking more people to donate. But, if every child in the school raised 50p we could donate £121 and if every child raised £1 we could donate £242. Do you think we could raise more?

At the end of March, we ask for the children to collect their donations and bring them to school to receive their Gomer Comic Relief certificate.

It would be great to send in some photos via the Google classroom of your Gomer 50 Mile achievement.

To purchase a Red Nose, a member of the LAPS team will be selling them on the playground at the end of the day for £1.50.

1st March 2022
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