The ‘Big Red Nose Day Run Together’ was Gomer’s chance to make their miles matter. This year, Comic Relief challenged us to run, walk, jog, wheel or plod 50 miles during March. Up and down the country, hundreds of people have been running in their communities to raise money and make a difference for people in the UK and across the world. We look forward to the children bringing in their sponsorship donations in exchange for their certificates.

Gomer Junior completed a ‘Nose and Spoon Parade’, getting the idea from the tougher terrains and adrenaline-filled challenges led by The One Show favourites, Owain Wyn and Angelica Bell, who are attempting to balance Red Noses on spoons as they take on the ultimate race across the Lake District! A range of ‘alternative noses’ were on show, from eggs, socks and scrunched paper! We were very proud of the children’s understanding of why we supported Comic Relief and the children shared these quotes:

Year 3: Comic Relief is important to support because it helps families in need and helps people who are homeless – it is important to help people that have less than us. It helps to always share and be kind. It is important for us to support fundraisers like Comic Relief because it means we can help the people less fortunate than us, to be able to live a life and have experiences like we are lucky enough to have. It also means we can help to make sure there are provisions available for those that need a little more help or support to live their lives to the fullest.

Year 4: It helps people who are struggling to be able to turn their lives around.We can help the homeless here in the UK and abroad. Showing that we care and that they are not on their own, we can help them. We can help to raise money for people who need support. We are very fortunate to have what we do and it would be nice for others to have these opportunities. It would make other people feel happier. 

Year 5: The more we donate, the more we can help change the lives of others. It is good to help those who are living in poverty and may need a helping hand to get back on their feet. It feels nice to raise money for those who can’t put food on the table for their families.

Year 6: Comic Relief helps people who aren’t as fortunate as us. It also helps spread awareness of issues that people may face. It gives people hope for the future. It helps people who may have physically or mentally less than us. It teaches us to be grateful for the simple things.

In addition to selling 120 red noses, raising £180 we collected £198.50 in change today and suspect some people will be bringing pennies next week too. Thank you to everyone who is collecting sponsorship for miles too.

18th March 2022
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