Gomer have really enjoyed their Big Walk and Wheel Walk and have been further motivated to travel to school in transport other than motorised vehicles. The children have attended an assembly and participated in learning to think about sustainable forms of travel and their benefits. It is awesome that so many children walk, scoot or cycle to school. Please do also remember our Park and Stride. Go Gomer!

The children said:

Mollie-Rose 6AM – “I enjoy walking to school because I like to meet my friends and we can talk to each other. This makes the journey so much more fun!”

Tyler 5LF – “I walk to school because my mum does not drive. However, I really enjoy it because it makes me feel active and means I am awake, ready for school” 

Sophia 4VW – “I really like walking to school because it keeps me healthy and fit. It also reduces the amount of cars on the road which will decrease pollution”

Anais 6AM – “Walking to school is so much fun because I can walk to school with my friends. Plus it makes me feel ready for school and learning!”

25th March 2022
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