In class assembly yesterday, children talked about Red Nose. What is Red Nose Day? Why do we have Red Nose Day? How is the money that is raised used? Although we are not raising money at school today, we used this assembly to learn about the important work that Comic Relief does and look at the new Red Nose – have a look at our gallery of awesome read noses. We worked collaboratively as a class to create a funny Red Nose Day Character and sent them into Blue Peter! These designs will become part of an amazing display so that Blue Peter can demonstrate the support that there is for Comic Relief. If you want to create one and enter one from home you can do so by following this link … then look through the challenges to find the Red Nose Day challenge (remember to save and use the ‘send stuff’ button if you want them displayed on Blue Peter!). If you want to watch out for our Comic Relief characters, the Blue Peter special will be on at 5pm on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

17th March 2023
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