Curriculum Intention Summary Our intention is that all pupils will have opportunities to experience success. Our Foundations of Learning are embedded within our curriculum and our teaching reflects the needs of the individual learner, providing all pupils opportunities to shine. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant. The aim of our curriculum is to provide learners with the skills to develop as successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their local and wider communities. Children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding alongside the development of British values is central to our intent.
Curriculum Implementation Summary The curriculum is implemented in such a way that purposeful learning opportunities are created for each and every child across the primary phase. We take into account the diversity of our children to carefully plan lessons which meet individual needs, ensuring equity and inclusion for all. Learning units are taught using a range of techniques to enable each individual to learn at an appropriate pace. Children are regularly assessed in order to inform teachers as to the next stage in their learning and the steps needed to enable them to achieve. The children are actively encouraged to think about their own learning in order for progress to be made within learning journeys. Rich, varied and diverse opportunities are integral elements supporting the implementation of the curriculum. These include: iSTEM+ learning applying skills across subjects in a hands on and practical way; first hand learning experiences including visits and visitors; extra-curricular activities and opportunities for children to lead their own learning through enquiry and questioning.